zaterdag, oktober 31, 2009

Crazy me or crazy daughter

I have to say there are some things in life I don't want to go to, and one of them is going to the dentist.

I think that in this family, I'm the only one with weak teeth, so you can imagine I don't want to go. Every time when I go to the dentist he finds something. It can be a hole (is that the correct word) or he says a filling in my tooth is not ok anymore. So I'm starting to shake and also try to relax myself and try not to think of what is gonna come.

I sigh, brase my self and.... the dentist says "You have to make an appointment and come back another time".
NOOOOO!!!! I scream to myself and I says (hopefully) Let's do it now at this moment, I'm ready!
No, there is not enough time he responses.
So I have to make an appointment for an other day and time.

Let me tell you, till that time I'm trying not to think of it, but I can't I just have to think off that whole the time.
The day comes... I wake up with a pain in my stomach and I think of it whole day. I feel nervous, not myself, trying to get out of the appointment, but think to myself that I just have to go.
So I go... and what do you know, I didn't feel a thing and everything went fine.
I just know the nex time I have to go, I feel the same!

Why is the titel crazy daughter? Because my daughter has to go to the dentist one off these days and I have to make an appointment for her and my son. The last week she said it to me several times, she even called me up at my work to remind me not to forget to call the dentist.
I'm gonna do it this week, you see my stomach starts hurting and I don't even have to go!

I guess I'm crazy!

woensdag, oktober 28, 2009

Questions of my children to me.

My children can ask me sometimes questions..., sometimes I can't even answer them. The ask them on the strange times and moments. I have to say my daughter does it more often.
Here they come!

When did you get your first grey hair?
How old were you when you had your first kiss?
How old were you when you had sex for the first time? (I didn't answer that..)
Are you sure you can drive?
Who was your first love? (I said it doesn't matter, it matters who is my last love..)
At what age did you had sex for the first time (I didn't answer that)
Why did you want to have children?
And if I were a boy, do you still love me? (Off course I said!)
Do you want to die? (O, this is so confrontating! I smoke ...)
Do you want to look old? (Ok, my hair is on some places grey but something I forget to dy it)

And yes they have more questions, questions, questions.

dinsdag, oktober 27, 2009

My children say I'm grazy

Because there is a song I really love. The music, the beat I can't help it, I can listen to this song whole day!
So do you also think that I'm grazy?!

maandag, oktober 26, 2009

Music streamer

Since last year we have this funny little thing. Now a days you have media centres, but I wanted something for my music.

Since we have this, the radio is never on. I always listen to music through the streamer. You install the streamer on you stereo and connect (it has a wireless modem in it) to your pc. On my pc I have a lot off different music, R&B, Lounge, slow, pop and much much more. When I downloaded music the streamer finds it immediately.
I love it! I have copied my cd's on my hd, so my cd's are now somewhere else and not in the livingroom anymore. My husband found there were to many cd's, so I had to find a solution! I'm glad we live now and people all around the world has made it easy for me.
The funny thing is, you can also listen to internet radio. I have to admit there is more choice in internet radio.
Off course there are things that aren't so happy about it. I have to put my firewall out, the pc must be on al the time. Things that doesn't make me happy, but the fact that I can listen to my music whole day makes it OK.

zondag, oktober 25, 2009

Relaxing sunday

I'm sitting on the cough with my laptop on my lap. My son and husband are watching soccer, my daughter is also on her laptop and I'm enjoying this moment.

We have so many weekends that are full, almost every saterday and\ or sunday we have a birthday or an other appointment.
This weekend we had NOTHING, what a feast. Yesterday after coming home from soccer we did grocery shopping and we went home.
In the early evening my brother in law came by with his 2 daughter and we decided to go to frends off ours. We went and it was a lot off fun. But we came home very very late! At 01:30 in the morning!!

This morning I realised that we had to change the clock, it was going 1 hour back!
I woke up my daughter and we went to see a movie. Later with my son I watched an other movie. Yes, it was really a movie sunday.
Around four we went outside to the kermis, luckely its a small one, so within 2 hours we were home.
We eat (I cooked yesterday) and now it's relaxed.

Day's like this are rear and I love them so much!

zaterdag, oktober 24, 2009


Like so many mothers in the world, I'm also a soccermom.
Every Saturday we are on the soccer field watching our son, running on the field.

Yes, we are there every Saturday. My husband and I both want to see our son playing soccer.
Unfortunately for our daughter she has to come with us most of the time.
If the weather is good she doesn't find it a problem, but if the weather is bad she goes to her uncle, or her grandparents.

I have to say that we are the only parents that come together and every week. Sometimes I wonder why.. Don't get me wrong, I do understand that some parent just can't come every week. I'll tell that there are mothers or fathers that never came.

I mean there comes a day, really there will, that our children don't need or want us every step of there way. I know that when they turn a certain age, they do more things by there self. And I'll see my son and daughter much less. I hope it doesn't happen any time soon, but till that time... We will be there (in the cold!) on the soccer field, watching our son.

vrijdag, oktober 23, 2009

Am I old fashion?

Our children are growing fast and now they have an age that the-could-go to a disco. Here in the city centre there is a disco for children from 11 till 15 years old on Friday evening till 23:00.
Every time when we pass it our children see everybody waiting for the disco to open but the haven't asked us if the could go.

I have to admit, I'm so happy about that, because yes I think they are to young. Call me old fashion ore what ever you want.
I just think they are much to young for that, when I see how some girls are dressed or how some boys are acting (the think they are really tough) I'm glad they don't have the need to go.
Off course they have asked the question IF the could go if they wanted.
My husband and I both said NO.

You know there comes a time in there life they want to go.
If they have the right age (I think 16 years is a good age), then can go every Saturday (if they want to). When there getting older they can go more often, they have a whole life in front off them. Why does everything start at such a young age.

So, do you think I'm old fashion or strict.

Change blog

So last night and this morning I made some changes to my blog. It's not finished yet, but I have to do some other thing (you know housekeeping) too.
I'll do the rest next week.

donderdag, oktober 22, 2009

It's mess

I found out today that my blog is a mess.
If I take a look at my blog in Windows 6 it's ok, but in Windows 7 and higher it looks awful and in Linux also.

So I will change my blog soon very soon, because it bugs me!

Well something is really wrong because every template I get isn't looking good.
So, I don't know what is wrong but I'll look at it tomorrow!

woensdag, oktober 21, 2009

I did it again

Today I went to the gym again. Afcourse I went on a regular base the last few weeks. I just still don't understand, why is it still so difficult.

I have to admit I was (and am) not a sport woman and I think I'll never be one. When I was younger, I was the girl the didn't pick out, because if I was in there team the would definatly loose. Well that is what the were thinking, I thought differant off course.
Now I'm 40 and no, still not a sport woman. I have to go on tuesday, thursday and sunday. But everytime when it's tuesday, I think no I'm not gonna go because (and yes here come my excuses) it's to late, I have to cook and more off does stuff.

The thing that really bugs me the most is that I do want to have a toned body and I know I have to do something about it. Because I really do understand that I'm not gonna wake up one day and have a toned body. (I'm still wishing for it..).

So, because I know I have to do something I went today.
And you know, it wasn't all that bad!

Day and Night

I life in Holland and the time is now 13:33, the sun shines and it's full off light.
In other country's its in the middle of the night and dark.

maandag, oktober 19, 2009


Yesterday it was that time again! Our house was a mess, so we had to do something about it, with the help of our kids....

When we clean the house everybody has to help. The kids have to do their room and we do the rest. Let me tell you, the kids can do hours to clean their room and it's not even so big. The way they clean is much different then how we clean.

They begin with cleaning up there desk, then sit down to read.
We that a look and say "Don't read, you have to clean up your room".
We even give them the time they have to be ready.
It just won't help.
After we walked in, they start again, but after a couple minutes they stop and start reading again.
Yes, until we, again, walk in.

So, yesterday was no differant.
We started at 13:00 and the kids were ready at 16:00, so you can imagine what my husband and I had done, a lot more then them.

Finally when they were really ready, they could help us.
Or maybe that's the reason, they don't work that hard....

zaterdag, oktober 17, 2009

Sick child

Yes, we have a child that is really sick. She has a fever, a runny nose and she coughs a lot.

When children are sick they are really sick. In the afternoon when I came home from work, she is on the couch with a blanket wrapped around her.
As soon as she sees me it start.
Mom, will you, uche, uche, make me some soup.
Yes, mommy will.
Mom, will you make me some thea.
Yes, mommy will.
Mom, can you make me this can you make me that..
Yes, mommmy will, will, will.

My husband is glas he works longer then me and I home a lot sooner.
I'm not so sure if Im glad about it, but it's part off a job called MOM.

vrijdag, oktober 16, 2009

Mom sick

A few days ago I was a sick woman.
My body was hurting, I had a runny nose and I was coughing a lot.

So, there I was under the blanket on the couch.
After a while I hear the barn door and a few minutes later, my son walkes in the door.
Are you still ill, he asks. 'Yes' I respond, I still don't feel very good.

Ok, he says comes to me to give me a kiss on the cheek. He said that he will prepare a soup for himself.
He walkes to the cupboard for a bag Cup a Soup and walks to the kitchen.

As he walks into the kitchen he says "Mom, we only have 1 CupASoup left, can you go to the store and get some? "

Can you see my surprised face.....

(Later he told me that he was just joking. I told him it wasn't that funny)

woensdag, oktober 14, 2009

Yep, I'm an eater!

Today I had a High Tea with some colleges of mine. A project we all worked on has ended and this was a way to say Thank you and that it was nice working with everybody.

I came in, sat down and the woman on my left said 'I'm not gonna eat much'. I'm like 'Why not..?! I love to eat'.

I can tell you that I'm a woman who loves to eat and when I saw the table where all the food was displayed I felt in heaven.
I saw chocolate cake, lemon cheese cake, hazelnutcake, scones, clotted cream, jam, sandwiches... I mean I really was in heaven and wanted to try it all.
It turned out that I wasn't the only one on a diet or taking care of my figure. Who cares how many times can I do this.

So after the speach has ended we all went to the table. Yes, really lady I was the only one with from every cake a piece and a scone with clotted cream.
I sat down and started eating. Lucky me, I saw some one else also with a lot of food on his plate, yes it was a man.

Everything on my plate was really delicious, but wait it was the first corse!
Wow, there are more!
After that we could go for the sandwiches. I have to say, they taste a lot better then when I make them at home. A waiter came in and he had two plates in his hands with quiches on them. My eyes looked and was like 'Im getting that to'.

Yes, I know that I can eat a lot! The plates were on table calling out my name, so I went there and had two pieces. One with bacon\ cheese\ milk and egg and the other one was with broccoli. Yes it was really good.

My tummy was full at that point so I stopped. Don't get me wrong and think that al I did was eat. No, I talked to the people at my table, had confersations and everything. So, my tummy was full and I was talking to a college from another division when the waiter stood infront of me.
I was thinking, O my god did I do something wrong.
But no he wanted to know if I wanted a toast with salmon. Yes please, I said, not thinking of my full tummy.

At that point I said to myself, no I'm not gonna eat anymore.
A few minutes later they came in with a fruitsalad!
Yes, I admit, my tummy almost snapped. Luckily it ended at that point, I had something to drink an went on my way.

I went outside, got my bike, very glad with my bike so I had some exercise, went home.

At home I sat on the couch and didn't move for the nex hour.

maandag, oktober 12, 2009

Life quote

I saw a quote from Adrienne Rich.

Life on the planet is born of woman.

How true.

zondag, oktober 11, 2009

Children book week

In Holland there is from 7 to 17 oktober a week, it's more 10 days but ok, specialy for children books.

Every year the week has a differant theme. This year it was food. Our daughter got a questionlist from school about what kind of food we like.

She came to me and said : 'Mom, I must aks you some quetions and you must answer it, it's about food'.
I said, Ok.

There came the questions.
She : 'What kind of food do you like the most'.
Me : 'Too much'
She : 'No you must say something'
Me : 'Ok, grilled chicken, bread, vegatables, sweats'
She : 'No, that is not good, you have to choose one thing'
Me : 'Why...?'
She : 'Thats what stands here on the paper'
Me : 'O, ok. Let me think. I like vegatables the most'
She : 'Ieuw, no that is horrible. You are really a strange momma'
Me : 'Thank you, do you have any more questions or not'
She : 'What kind of food smels the best'
Me : 'Fresh bread'
She : 'O yes that is nice, I didn't think off that'
Me : 'Do you have more questions?'
She : 'No, this was it for now. I'm going to eat something now, these questions made me hungry'

After she was finashed eating she went to her dad and ask the same questions and it turned out there were some more....

At school their going to talk about this question list and talk about the differant books specialy for this week. Every book is about this theme.

Do you have something like this in the UK or USA.

My daughter is not reading a book about food at the moment, but she's reading Inkheart.

Inkheart the book

I saw the movie and read the book.
It's so full of fantasy!

zaterdag, oktober 10, 2009

Going to bed ritual of my son

I promised to write a piece about my son. He also has a ritual before he's going to bed. Considering his age he is going much later to bed, but he still thinks it's to soon.

Our son is 13 years old and his bed time depends on what he must be in school.
When it's time for bed,
he goes upstairs to take a shower.
After he is ready he comes downstars to give us a kiss goodnight.
He holds me tight for a hug,
a long hug...
He does the same with his father,
also a very long hug,
and he goes upstairs (yes, much faster then our daugther)
but then it comes.........
He stands by the door and says;
Welterusten (it's Dutch and means goodnight)
Bye, bye
Zwaai, zwaai, (Dutch for wave)
Mazzel, (Dutch in the term of bye)
Ballen, (Dutch in the term of bye)
Toedeloe, (Dutch in the term of bye)
I love you,
Ik hou van jou (Dutch for I love you)
See you tomorrow.

And my husband says al the same things to him, if we wait to long he says "I'm waiting.."
Then he is off to bed, for the rest is he as quiet as a mouse.

He saying all of those things since he is 4 or 5 years old, and I still think it's funny.

vrijdag, oktober 09, 2009

Love this song!

We made it forever last december. This was the song when we walked in.

Count to three

Since the children we still do something that's is, what I think, a very old trick.

There are times when children just won't listen, it doesn't matter what you say or do they just keep doing there own thing.

The thing that really helps with us is when we say 'I'm counting to three' and after the three you have to do what we said. That can me anything, from cleaning there room to listening to what we have to say.

I have to say we started with it when they were very young and even when they are now 12 and 13 years old, they still listen to it.
Isn't that funny!

Last weekend we where at my sister's house and at some point they began to be a bit annoying. I said the had to stop, but they just looked at me and went on with what they were doing. So after a little while I said it again 'I count to three and then you both stop!'
Yes, they stopped.

Funny he, that it just still works!

donderdag, oktober 08, 2009

Pink Ribbon pen and more? To commercial?!

It's October and the pink ribbons come flying around. A lot of companies are doing something for breast cancer. I don't know how it is in America, but here we have phones, t-shirts, bracelets, of course the magazine and a lot more.

From every product that you buy an amount is going to Pink Ribbon.
But why aren't we making that contribution ourself?! Is it really necessary to buy a product for ourself, get a good feeling out of it because we did it for a good cause. It tells us that the big companies have a heart because they give to Pink Ribbon. Let's be frank, every penny they pay is tax deductible.

Why is it OK to do all off this with a sickness like breast cancer. There is someone who wrote a book about it, Samantha King - Pink Ribbons, Inc. She tells in the book that you can market this out because it's save subject. Everybody knows it, finds it a bad (I'm sorry I don't know an other word) sickness, can talk about it and has it's own decision about it. The most people who get breast cancer are woman and they are most of the time in charge of the money in the house hold. That is why it's a marketing business! Look at the market, most of the time it's for woman.

The companies started a campaign, started by making a beautiful magazine, very glossy, beautiful woman, nice clothes, make-up, hair. The money comes in, the faces of the companies look good, because they are doing something for breast cancer, and everybody is glad. You think, did you know that the most money is going to awareness and publicity and really a little bit is going to treatments and research. The awareness is that you see everywhere that as a woman you have to check you breasts, but has anyone make a poster of give lessons on how you must examen yourself.

In the magazine I don't see picture of woman who really had breast cancer, you don't see picture's of bolt woman, you don't read story's of woman who are sick, who lost one of there breast. No, because it all has to be fun and let's be honest it must sell.
Maybe the magazine is different in America, but in Holland there are no story's from sick woman.

No, I'm not buying the magazine, the phone or whatever, I'm donating every month, not only in October, to the cancer foundation. I feel much better that way.

woensdag, oktober 07, 2009

sick at home, watching Cadillac Records

Well like I told yesterday I wasn't feeling very well, so today I called in sick today. Everybody is at home or work so I'm alone at that is really nice. But even when I'm sick there are still I have to do. So I did the dishwasher and the laundrey, but I also watched a movie.

Cadillac Records, I love that kind of movies, the music, the cars, the acting well just about everything. I also loved that the music of Etta James was in there, because last year my husband and I got married. Our opening song was a mix of 3 songs and one of them was 'At last' from Etta James.
Everytime when I hear that song I think about our opening song, that wasn't going that good. That doesn't matter because we did it and we have a wonderfull memory.

dinsdag, oktober 06, 2009

Kids, why did I want them?

Sometimes I have a feeling that feels like

Why did I want kids?!

Even when I'm feeling a sick, they really don't think 'Let's be nice to each other'. No they ar still arguing about the littlest things.
They are nice to me and ask if the can do something for me, but when my daughter askes something to my son.... He's like 'No, I'm not doing that!'
and afcource is he askes something to her it's the same.

I'm asking them why they can't be nice to each other.

They have to much answers and talk through each other, almost shouting..
I think again, why did I want...

zondag, oktober 04, 2009

"I hate shopping" he says.

My son is not in to shopping, but sometimes it's a must!

The past few months he went with us, when we where shopping, but he never looked for clothes. It was always like ; Mom, I'm going to sit by the TV (you know in the children section). He was gone before we knew it. Or he just looked at some clothes from a far distance and said "No. there is nothing I like. We never understood how he could have seen the clothes and decided it was nothing for him.
Our daughter is always looking and almost every time she found something and we bought it for her.
At that time our son was waking up and asked us "Why are you buying her clothes". We said "Well she needs it and she likes it".
He started to begin cranky and said "I need clothes too". "Yes dear, but you're not looking" we answered. No he didn't like that answer, because he HATES shopping.
But lets be frank if we buy him something, he's not going to wear it. He think we don't have any taste! So we don't buy him anything. Ok, I admit I bought him 1 pair of jeans a couple of months ago. That's it.
Lately my husband and I saw that he didn't have a lot of trousers, I think he has two now! No, that is not much be his 13, he's got his own taste and must start looking for clothes.

Yesterday we went to the shopping centrum of our town. Suddenly I hear him say "I need a new pair of jeans".
"I know" was my comment "and now what are you going to do?"
"I will look for clothes" he said.
I looked at him and was wondering what he would be doing. But yes he was going to the rack of jeans, looked at some and found that it wasn't his taste.
In another shop, he was looking again and found one he likes. "Try it on" we said. I could see in that face of him that he didn't find it necessary. His eyes went from 'Yes I found something' to 'NO!!'
We said it again "Try it on".
He sighs and says "Ok".
He went in to a fitting room and I heard him say "Yes it fits!"
We were like "Come out and let us see it".
He came out and yes it fits him perfectly. So we bought it for him.

He was relieved that he found it quickly and told us that from now on he will also look for clothes.

We hope so, we hope so.

O and our daughter got a new pair of boots! Yes, she needed it and was looking (again)!

donderdag, oktober 01, 2009

Ubuntu yeahhhh!!!

I know here I'm again with Linux, but oooo I'm so very glad I installed it.

Today I couldn't start Windows again, but Ubuntu worked. I installed the printer driver, well to be honest, Ubuntu did it for me.
It's so easy to work with, I'm a happy women!!!

Tomorrow I will post the Going to bed ritual of my son!

O, and I see I have to make a change with the fonts, because Firefox isn't doing it very well.

PC troubels over for now

Ubuntu is installed and my pc got now a dual-boot. The children only know Windows so they can make the choise for Windows. I told them that they also have to work with Ubuntu, because in time I want to install Ubuntu on de pc and no other OS.