maandag, oktober 26, 2009

Music streamer

Since last year we have this funny little thing. Now a days you have media centres, but I wanted something for my music.

Since we have this, the radio is never on. I always listen to music through the streamer. You install the streamer on you stereo and connect (it has a wireless modem in it) to your pc. On my pc I have a lot off different music, R&B, Lounge, slow, pop and much much more. When I downloaded music the streamer finds it immediately.
I love it! I have copied my cd's on my hd, so my cd's are now somewhere else and not in the livingroom anymore. My husband found there were to many cd's, so I had to find a solution! I'm glad we live now and people all around the world has made it easy for me.
The funny thing is, you can also listen to internet radio. I have to admit there is more choice in internet radio.
Off course there are things that aren't so happy about it. I have to put my firewall out, the pc must be on al the time. Things that doesn't make me happy, but the fact that I can listen to my music whole day makes it OK.

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