zondag, maart 01, 2009


Yesterday I suddenly had my sister on the phone. "Ma is in the hospital," she said. Jee so there I was shocked, well who does not. The worst is that they are on vacation in Bali. So it's not that you 'just' go there. Later my father was on the line and told me that she had a heart attack and was still short of breath. None of this is nothing. Through an SMS, he said that it now goes well with her.

When I think back to yesterday. Shortly after I got the call I first checked how expensive it is to go to Bali and whether we have the money. Luckely there is, because you keep it all eventualities.

Last night at dinner with the children I told that there grandmother is in the hospital. The first reaction was, we must go. My husband said, "When you need to go to you’re mom, just go". Their faces immediately looked very disappointed, because the wanted to go too. But let's not get crazy, it was obviously not onley Grandma they cared about, noooo they saw it more as a reason not to go to school

It is now one days later, the world goes on, up this morning, bread for the children prepared the children to school and I went to my work. Pressure at work enough to go, but go with your thoughts to the other side of the world and you wonder, how is she?