dinsdag, november 24, 2009

Saint Nicolais coming in too Holland

I told you a while ago about Saint Nicolais that arrived in Holland. I was trying to find a movie or something so you can see it.
I found something but it's very long about 10 min. and I know that when you don't understand the language, it's not so fun to watch.

But just for fun, watch this.
Look at the people who are waiting, the people on the ship, look at the children. It's so fun! If you don't want to wait that long, go to 3 minutes and you see a bit more.
This is really a story for children and I'm so sorry my children don't believe in it anymore.

donderdag, november 19, 2009

I wish this was true?!?!?!?!

I came across a site where you can see the value of your site a few months ago, so I typed in wauzzy.blogspot.com and it was worth nothing.

I came across it again and I typed my sites name again and this is what I saw!!

After updating;

dinsdag, november 17, 2009

Do we have a money tree..?

Did I mention that we have Saint Nicolais and Santa Clauss in Holland..?
Did I mention that when children find out that Saint Nicolais is not the one who brings the presents but we the parents, that they don't have to expect that much?
No, wel it's true.
Did I mention that my children missed that part..?

My daughter, who is 12 year, wants to have a phone and not just a phone.. No she wants a LG cookie ore was it a LG Star, ore no she wants UGGS ore no..
Well I guess you know what I mean she wants really a lot off things .. for Saint Nicolais...
She told me that she knows she to old for Saint Nicolais, that she knows we don't do presents any more, but she just loves that phone and she really wants to have it.
So please, please, please pretty please can she have that phone (and if she can't get the phone, then maybe can she get UGGS..?).

I think you all know how those things go.

Well, that is my daughter talking, listen to what my son says.

Let me tell you first, that 2 weeks ago the xbox360 was banned from internet. So, that means he can't play with the xbox on-line. He was really cranky about that and now, I think you know what I'm about to say.
Yes, he wants to have a new xbox360, and if it is really just not possible he would settle for money.....

I have asked the kids often enough, if we have a money tree we don't know about. Unfortunately the kids also can't find it.....


The WorldWideWeb

About 10 years ago, here in Holland, not many people worked with the internet. But now I can’t imagine living without it.
The internet is so integrated in everybody’s life. Even my parents are working with a computer and starting to learn more and more about Internet.

Here is a sum off all the thins I do on the internet:

· Googeling (what a word), I think I google more then 10 times a day. For my work and private. Everything I don’t know I type in too google. When of our kids have a question I know the answer too but I don’t know how to explain. I just type in the word ore the whole question and there is the right answer ore explanation.
· Following the news. Every day I go to my favorite newspaper site and read what happened in the world. Off course I look at the news on the tv, but sometimes I don’t have enough time.
· Reading blogs and articles. Finding out how the lives of people all over the world is. I love reading blogs from people from different countries. This way you can find out how people are living, ore what there house looks like, ore how the school is over there. I also read some blogs from women in Holland and it can be so different.
· Learning, yes I learn a lot from the internet. New words, new software, instructions guides everything everywhere.
· Shopping, yep, I’m one of those people who shop on the internet. I like the fact that it’s so easy to shop from a foreign country. Last year I bought make-up from America and my wedding dress came from China, yes from ebay. I love it!
· Blogging, writing in English and Dutch. Writing about different stories, themes and so much more!

I think there is more much much more to find and I haven’t discovered everything yet. Maybe that’s a good thing, because I think that would be do only thing I do!

zondag, november 15, 2009

Saint Nicholas

I have always thought that this was a celebration that you can find al over the world. But it turned out it is a feast that you can only find in Holland.

So let me tell you a something about it. Saint Nicholas is also a festivity for children, just like Santa Claus and in Holland it is called Sinterklaas. His birthday is on December 5th and every child in Holland gets a present. He is riding on a horse on the rooftop of the houses en brings presents with his helpers, they are calles Zwarte Piet, Black Piet.

But let me begin with how it al starts every year.
Saint Nicholas lives in Spain with his helpers in a big castle where they store all the presents. In the beginning of Novembre he leaves Spain and comes with his steamboat to Holland.

His arrival in Holland is followed by every children in Holland, on tv or the go to a city where his boat is coming. The 'real' Saint Nicholas comes in a different haven every year. But there are also a lot of Saint Nicholas that are helping him so he comes on the same day in thousands different city's.

Every child in Holland is very happy, because they know that there is a possibility that the find presents in there shoes. Shoes?! Yes, from the moment he comes into our country children can leave there shoe at the door or on every place the want. Because Saint Nicholas is in the country and maybe he wil get on his horse and bring presents already. My children also wanted to place their shoes as soon as he was in the country.

Even at school it's really a special time. Children also bring their shoe to school for present. It looks something like this:

At December 5th when they come to school then Saint Nicholas is coming to, he has a lot off helpers, Black Piet, helping him, with the presents, the exciting children and with the list of good and bad children. Because he also has a list, the children who where really bad this year have to be really nice at that point. Because if they are not, he can put them in a sack and take the children with him to Spain..
So, when school is out, the children go home and are still excited because in the evening he will come to their house or when he not coming to their house he will leave present in their shoes.

Yes, it's big event because it's not just Saint Nicholas, Black piet and the white horse. No there is also candy, off course, no matter where you are, when ever he comes, the Black Piets are throwing with different candy, it looks like this. And yes really the throwing it on the floor, so you just have to make sure you get it in your hand.

Everybody will also get a chocolate letter, it can be in a letter S, from Saint Nicholas, or you own letter.

A lot off fun when the good old man, comes in to Holland most of all if you have little children. The love that man, because he gives them presents. As soon as he leaves, on december 6th he's off to Spain again, then Santa Claus is coming.

So, here is December a very expensive month.

donderdag, november 12, 2009

Think of this any day!

Starting the day with this

Lucille Ball was considered to be too shy ...

The Beatles were turned down cause guitar music was on the way out ...

Michael Jordan was cut from the high school basketball team ... went home and cried

Thomas Edison was said to be too stupid to learn anything ...

Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper cause he lacked imagination and original ideas ...

Abraham Lincoln failed in business, had a nervous breakdown, was defeated in 8 elections ...

If you have never failed, you have never lived ... LIFE = RISK

Good to start any day !

woensdag, november 11, 2009

My brain!

So, my brain is working overtime again. Every now and then I have an idea and it's something that I MUST do! (because I want too).
I have had so much idea's in the last couple years, well I think whole my life!
I wanted to start painting and I would buy everything that has to do with it. My husband also bought me some stuff. Off course I did something with it.... for two weeks... and then it was over. I found something new, I wanted to bake cakes. You know the really pretty ones, that you see in a bakkery or online. Ok, it started when we where planning our wedding, I saw much really nice, pretty, funny wedding cakes! I thought to myself "I can do that too"! Trust me, I cannot! I'm to impatient so that didn't work also.
I wanted to make all my one clothes, well you can guess it by now. I made a few things and then I was ready.

But I always liked computers and most of all software. It's my job, so I have to like it. But now I'm in a new fase, I want a new thing. I want to learn how to design website's. Yes, I started already, but boy it's harder then I thought. I hope I wil keep on going now, because I think this is a keeper.
Well I will found out in a few weeks or months, because I gave myself time to learn.

I hope my brain stays with me this time and doesn't leave me in the cold!

maandag, november 09, 2009

Nicknames and more....

Well there are a lot off nick names that I give to my children. I'm not suppose to say them in public but sometimes it just comes out. I can tell you at that point my children are not so happy with me.
As you know I come from Holland and some nick names you just cannot translate into English, but maybe it's funny for you to try to pronounce it.

When I'm in a cuddly and/ or happy mood I say to my children;

cuty pie (I know it's stupid)
Big boy
Big girl
Little cute girl or
Little cute boy

When I'm in a angry mood I say to my children;
You´re not funny
I don't like you at this point
I really try not to call them names (but sometimes it just blurs out, yes I'm sorry I confess)

I think every mother has a certain name for her child, but when I see a movie they always have a really special name. Sometimes I wonder if the scriptwriters thought off that in a minute ore they had to think for days. I don't have a special name, but I have cute nicknames (ok, I find I give them cute nicknames.)

And you do you give your children special nicknames?

zondag, november 08, 2009

Big family

When I met my husband it turned out that he had a big family. He has 5 brothers and 3 sisters. I only have 1 sister, but a lot off cousins. I saw them not that often any more, but my husbands family I saw every week.

In first year when we met, it turned out he had two cousins who loved to sleep with us. His brother was divorced and he had his daughters every other weekend. In those weekend they always slept one night at our house. We didn't have children's yet so I had to get use to it. Most off the time we did the mattress in the living room, we made popcorn, had drinks and we watched some movies. I remember that I found it soooo very irritating that she always asked questions about the movie.....

At the time our first child was born, they still wanted to sleep over. The oldest cousin turned out to be a real mommy (she was six year old) and looked over our son.  I remember when our son just learned how to walk she was always with him to take care off him. Off course a child falls and when it happened she picked him up and said : No, he can't walk yet....

Time went by and we had a daughter. Those cousins and our children where almost always together, at the other weekend we had four children or we had none. Because our children grew older and wanted to sleep with their uncle and his daughters.
In the mean time my husbands other brother also had children, two girls. Their was a time that my children where sleeping at brother 1, the next day at brother 2 and the next weekend the slept at our place. Yes sometimes all six off them ore we had 4 children. At one point we even had 8 children over to sleep.

It was busy, but I really loved it. Waking up in the morning and hearing children voices who were talking and playing. Making a mess in the shower and they found it really funny, we didn't. In the winter when it was snowing we went outside for a walk and we trew snowballs to each other. Yes, it was busy but also a great time. We were washed out on Sunday evening, our children went to bed very early and we said to our selves "Let's not do that again".

Now the children are much older, my cousins are 19 and 18 years old, mine are 13 and 12 and the 2 girls from my husband's other brother are 7 and 9 years old. My cousins don't sleep at our house any more, they have other things on their mind!
The children of brother 2 sometimes sleep at our house, or our daughter sleeps at his house. My son doesn't want to sleep out any more.

But... my sister has 2 kids now, one is 4 years old and the other one is 2 years old. The oldest of 4 years old slept the whole weekend with us.

It seems like everything is starting al over again, a new generation is coming to sleep now. Cousins come and go and I have to say that I really love it.

dinsdag, november 03, 2009

Sleeping naked

I read somewhere a post about sleeping naked, it someone knows who's post it was please tell me.
I have to confess I love to sleep naked too, but I have a 13 year old son. So I also keep in mind that I can not do it any more or that I must have a night gown or something else that I can grab when I come out off bed.

I think about it, but do you think my son does the same...????

Well he thinks about it not to walk naked in the house (because his body is a no no place for me to see).

But check this out!
Just this week I was in the bathroom to take a shower, he just walks in!
I said 'can you please go, I'm ready and want to dry myself off'
NO he replies  I'm brushing my teeth.
And keeps on doing what he is doing.
Ok...., I think to myself, what to do now.
So, I open the shower curtain just a little bit and start to dry myself off.
He doesn't react and keeps on brushing his teeth.
While I'm drying myself I say to him
"So this evening when you are taking a shower, I'm going to brush my teeth"!

He looks at me and leaves the bathroom very quietly.....

I find this so strange behaver off him, I can't see him naked, but if he sees me it's ok!

I asked him this later and he says
"your body hasn't changed since I last seen it, but mine isn't.....!

Yeah right!