maandag, augustus 24, 2009

Children and jobs in the house

Both children have a job here in this house. Not much, but do you think they do it? No, they're always so busy with everything (and nothing). Our son is not attending school right now (he still has vacation) the only thing out of his hands, is the dishwasher and nothing else! Yes, only if we specifically ask it, but otherwise not. Don’t think if we ask, they immediately get up and do it.No, there not.
The always say “Waite a minute” and it becomes a half an hour or so. We have to ask it again, and finally they do it. Most of the time the get angry and start arguing with me or their father. Witch the know the always loose J.
I occasionally ask them whether they are near-sighted or just
don’t see what there father and I see, a lot of mess.
We don’t ask for much, well that is what I think.

One of them has to do the dishwasher for a month, the other one has to make sure the living room is clean and tidy.