donderdag, juni 16, 2011

When the children became older, Husband and I decided to have a mobile phone.

So when the children need us or have a question, they can call Husband or me.
But this turned out to be a bit wrong....

I'm at my work.
My mobile phone rings.
I pick up the phone and say 'Hello'
It's Nona (daughter) 'Hi mom''.
I said 'Hi, what's wrong why are you calling?'
She's quiet, but I know she's there.
'Hello?' and I'm loosing my patience now 'What is wrong!?'
She says 'No, nothing is wrong, but I need to run to the attic and I just want to talk to you when I'm going'.

I'm at my work.
The phone rings.
I pick up the phone and say 'Hello'.
Sinyo (sun) 'Hi, Mom.'
"Can I make a cup a soup?"

Well, I know I had taken a mobile phone to be available for the kids, but not for this kind of things.
* Sigh *

donderdag, oktober 14, 2010

The voice of Holland

Here in Holland we have a new schow it's called 'The voice of Holland'.
The jury it is not allowed to look at the candidate, they can only listen to the voice.

Well and then you get this.... (you can hear him sing at 0.38 sec.)

zondag, oktober 03, 2010


I ask you; 'Why do teenagers have so much hormones in them?
Not much is good.
Everything you ask is tooo much. (Way to much).
They argue about everything. (I don't know why, because they do it anyway)

I gues nobody knows, why.

dinsdag, september 28, 2010

My romantic husband

He had a beer or two,

and isn't it so that when man are drunk they speak the truth?

He sings sweat songs in my ear and kisses my nose,
He declares his eternal love to me,

He gently strokes my back and kisses me in my neck,
Holds me close and kisses me passionately,
He looks naughty at me and unbuttons my blouse,
He kneels in front of me and sings a serenade

I believe I'm going to have great sex,
Partly undressed, I lay on my back on our bed...
and hold my breath,

Husband threw himself beside me, I close my eyes and wait for what is going to com..
He lies motionless.... quit..... I hear a snore.............

I have no sex tonight .....
He will have a headache tomorrow...