donderdag, december 31, 2009

Almost 2010

For us it's just 27 minutes and the new year will begin.
All day you hear firework everywhere and when you go outside there is a lot to see in the sky.

In Holland we are allowed to set off firework on last day of the year from 10:00 in the morning till 02:00 in the night.
So you can imagine that everybody who wants to set off firework is having a ball.

It's not like this in every country, can you tell me how it is in your county?


donderdag, december 17, 2009

Winter Wonderland

It is snowing in the place where we live. Jahooeee!!
I love snow!

Yesterday it was al over the news that snow was going to come.
We looked at the sky and thought, where is it.

Nothing happened, no snow, not even a resembles of something that looks like snow. Our first thought was that they made a mistake, or that it would come but much, much later.
So we went to bed, before we went to bed, we looked outside, but no, no snow.

But WOW , this morning the world is white. The best part is, it’s snow where you can make a snow doll (is that how you call it?) from and have snow balls fights.

I really love that!

Unfortunately we have to wait, because we have to work and the kids must go to school.

A college of mine just told me, there is more snow an the way.
So we are going to be ok!

dinsdag, december 08, 2009

Saint Nicolais left, Santa Claus is coming.

I have to say that if have been busy with a lot of things the last days, so I didn't have time to write.
But here I am again.

Here in Holland Saint Nicolais left for Spain this sunday. Every child is happy with the gifts and the fact that Saint Nicolais came by there house or school.
In all the stores you can buy Saint Nicolais candy with discount and everything in the store that first was reserved for Saint Nicolais is now filled with Santa Claus things.
Yes, we are going from one child feast to an other. Isn't is great!!!
Yess for the children, I can see there wishlist already.
No they didn't get anything for Saint Nicolais, it's more fun if they really believe in it. They leave there shoe at the door and sing songs to Saint Nicolais so they really hope he is coming. The children really believe that Saint Nicolais can hear them.

There is no singing for Santa Claus, no leaving your shoe at the door, so this is so differant.
Don't get me wrong, I love chrismas. The trea, the lights, the jolly good feeling.
I have to admit, I miss the fact that the children are small and believe in Saint Nicolais.


dinsdag, december 01, 2009

Excuse me?! Saying I'm not a good mother....

Today I was reading somewhere on the internet that a research, I think it was from England, showed that children of working mothers are not as healthy as stay at home moms childrens. (Wow, that was a long sentence).

Ok, the research claims that children under the age of 5, don't eat healthy, drink a lot of sweatened soda (like cola), watch more television and are often brought by car to school.

You know what bugs me, that the research result claimt it happens with every mother.

So I have to tell people that my children are healthy and they eat also a lot of vegatables.
Yes, I´m a working mom, since the moment they where born. I just wasn´t born to be a stay at home mom, it´s just not in me.

And yes, it is possible that their are family that are just like the result of the research, but it also happens at home where the mothers are staying home.

I´m just getting a little crazy about the fact that working moms have to explain their selves.

So, I said it.
(Sorry if my English is now really bad!)