dinsdag, december 01, 2009

Excuse me?! Saying I'm not a good mother....

Today I was reading somewhere on the internet that a research, I think it was from England, showed that children of working mothers are not as healthy as stay at home moms childrens. (Wow, that was a long sentence).

Ok, the research claims that children under the age of 5, don't eat healthy, drink a lot of sweatened soda (like cola), watch more television and are often brought by car to school.

You know what bugs me, that the research result claimt it happens with every mother.

So I have to tell people that my children are healthy and they eat also a lot of vegatables.
Yes, I´m a working mom, since the moment they where born. I just wasn´t born to be a stay at home mom, it´s just not in me.

And yes, it is possible that their are family that are just like the result of the research, but it also happens at home where the mothers are staying home.

I´m just getting a little crazy about the fact that working moms have to explain their selves.

So, I said it.
(Sorry if my English is now really bad!)

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  1. I'm a stay at home, homeschooling mom to four children. yep, I even have a the picket fence..well..not really..it's a fence though. I also used to be a home daycare provider. In my years of doing that...I can tell you, I learned that staying home does NOT make you a good mom and working does NOT make you a bad mom. The quality of mom you are is not dependent on your employment status. In fact, one of the bext moms I know has a full time job. I've seen some bad stay at home moms also. The mom you are is determined by you...who you are...that simple. If you choose to work that is great! You will be a wonderful example to your children of accomplisment, balance and sacrifice. I often think my kids would be better served if I did something more. They need to see their moms achieving and being people...self actualized people. Okay..my college psych is coming out! LOL. I love being with my kids and homeschooling. However, we can never stop being ourselves. That is not fair to us or our kids.

  2. Ida, you said this so right:
    We can never stop being ourselves.

    Thank you so mucht!