dinsdag, september 29, 2009

PC troubles

My pc is giving me more troubles than I thought. Last week it turned out I had a virus on my pc.
Sunday evening I re-installed Windows Vista on my pc, everything went well. But yesterday I couldn't start my computer, he gave me a few errors and I had to do this and that and blablabla. So after a while I finally got it working and I thought, I'm not working with Windows again!
So I downloaded Ubuntu, burned it on a cd an started my pc. I have to say that it looks better then Windows.

But I'm not ready no tonight I'm going to make a dual-boot, Windows and Ubuntu, so we can make a choice when we start te computer.

Wish me luck!

maandag, september 28, 2009

Going to bed ritual of my daughter

Before the children go to sleep we always have some kind of ritual. Yes, even now when they are 12 and 13 years old. When they were younger it was putting them in bath, massage them (till they where 2 years old), telling a story, kiss on the cheek, make sure the blanket is ok that was it.

But the older they become, the harder it gets.

When my daughter has to go to bed it goes like this

First she taking a shower,
She comes downstairs again,
When it's time for bed,
She remembers that she forgot to make her homework (afcourse she did it, but she doesn't want to go to bed),
We say "It's to late, go to bed"
She goed to the toilet,
If it takes to long
We say "hurry up, you have to go to bed"
She get's of the toilet (not inmediatly),
She gives my husband and I a kiss and a long hug,
And goes upstairs,
When she's upstairs, she calls out "Mam"
I'm like "Yes"
She "Can you do my blanket"
Me "Yes ok, I'm coming in a minute"

When I'm downstairs she calls me again, there is always something, she remembers something that she has to share with me of my husband, she complains about headache, that her belly hurts, or she just doesn't want to go to sleep and is reading a book and while reading her book she want to tell us something. This happens much more, it just not her style to go to bed and keep quiet.
Yes, my daughter has a ritual that I'm not happy with.

Sometimes she has called already a few times and we get a bit cranky so we say, no we shout "No, we don't want to hear it anymore, just go to SLEEP!!!!"

She is saying with a little voice "I love you mommy, I love you daddy"

When she does that, we smile to each other and it's like the whole ritual before is forgotten...

dinsdag, september 22, 2009

Kids honest or play you

There are times when you feel you kids don't want to go to school.

It happens in the morning when the alarm-clock goes off.

My husband or I walk to the room of our daughter and it goes like this "Mam, my belly hurts and I don't feel to good".

We know our children by now so we always say "You go to school and if you really dont feel that good, you can always come home".
You can see on her face that she's thinking "Mmmm that didn't work".

After she is dressed and got down she askes "Can you write a note, that I'm not feeling well and that I can go home when it gets worse".
We always "No, if you really want to go home, your school teacher wil call and tell us".
We believe, no we know, that if we write a note she wil be home an hour after school starts.
So you see that 'It didn't work' face again.

She goes to school and stays there the whole day. After school when she is home, I ask her "How is your belly", she looks at me like she want's to say 'did my belly hurt...'?

My son is different when he says he's feeling nauseous, he goes home!

When I'm at work, my telephone rings and I get the school on the line. The tell me my son is sick that he want's to go home. Well there is nothing else that I can do, then to say, "Ok". He can go home on himself, that's what he says. I wondered from that moment, was he really sick or just messing with us. I cann't say "No, he is not allowed to go home", because there is also a change that he is really sick. Those phonecalls aren't easy and you just have to do what you think is best, but is it really the best!?
(This happened yesterday).

Ok, when I came home, he's feeling a lot better. He was just emptying the dishwasher and look a bit miserable to me. He sighs and says to me "I'm much better now".
In my mind it goes like "Yeah richt you where just playing with me".. I can see it in his eyes, the way he moves, it's not a really sick child that needed to get home.

So my husband and I didn't believe he was sick, that he just didn't want to go to school. We told him that this wasn't ok and the rest of the year he can't do this again. The only time he can stay home is when he got a fever!

He looked at us and understood that it's better not to do it again. You know why we where so harsh....
He also did it last week!
So we have to make sure that it won't happen again!

I really hope it works, I mean the boy is just 13 years old!!


Listen to this, it's beautifull.


maandag, september 21, 2009

Computer virus

Yesterday I found out that my computer has a virus. So I copied my foto's (most importent!!) to a dvd. This week I'll have to install everything again, I hope it goes well.

donderdag, september 17, 2009

Boy or girl? Name or no name?

I read somewhere, I'm sorry I forgot where, that woman where talking about the fact if the wanted to know, when the where pregnant, if it was a boy or a girl.

When I told people I was pregnant, they where suprised and asked many questions.


"Was it on purpose?"
"Are you feeling ok?"
"When is the baby going to come"
"Are you still going to work"

When those question where answered, the next question came,

"Do you want to know if it's a boy or a girl?"

My answer from te beginning was "NO!"

I really didn't want to know! I loved it to be pregnant and talk to my belly, without knowing if I had to say "he" or "she". I wanted to be suprised, I can tell you that I was very very curious and sometime I did want to know.

I think it would onley be helpfull for picking out the name or finding the right color for the baby's room. I just couldn't find an other advantage was from knowing.

Ok, so we didn't know if it's going to be a boy or a girl. But we just couldn't find a great girl's name when I was the first time pregnant. At those time's I sometime thought "Yes, I want to know what we are having". But no, I didn't asked it.

At the time I went in labour, we still didn't have a girls name!!
And boy we where so happy that it turned out to be a boy!!
Lucky us!

The most stupid thing was, that when I was pregnant again (and no I still didn't want to know the sex) we didn't have a boy's name. Isn't that grazy, first we had no girl name and now no boy name.
Lucky us again!!
We had a girl!!!

So we where lucky both times, because I don't know what we would have done if the first one turned out to be a girl and the second a boy.

And you? Did you want to know?!

Still in pain!

I just read on the internet that it is best to drink a cup of coffee before you go to the gym! The cafeine in the coffee stops the pain signals to your brain.

woensdag, september 16, 2009

I'm in pain!!

Yesterday I did it, I went to the gym and boy o boy, now I'm completely broken. My body hurts, yak. I was too enthusiastic!

First I went 7 minutes on the tred mill and it went pretty good, after that I did my excersises with the dumbells and I ended with 15 min abdominal excersises!! So it was pretty intensive, but listen to this!

After that it was my time, no tred mill, no dumbells, no other stuff! No, I went to the swimmingpool and staid there for a while and did some laps.

I have too say, I love that I can swim for hours (well ok not hours), but a long time. When I was ready with my laps I went into the sauna. Oooo that was delicous, I felt an other person when I left the place.

Remember that was yesterday.
Today, I'm a broken women.....

I almost have the idea not to go anymore, my legs hurt, my arms even my neck hurt why I really don't know!
I have to go again tomorrow, but I'm not sure, maybe I'll just stay home..

Suprise, suprise

Here in Holland it's warm for this time of the year! Saterday it's going to be 23C, that is warm normaly it's 18C. So we are very happy here!

dinsdag, september 15, 2009

Soccer meeting

Yesterday my husband and I had a Soccer meeting at the club of our son. We had to be there at 20:15 after the training of our son. We hoped it would not take long.
So we came there and there where a few parents, the coach took us to an other room and we all sat down. The coach began and told that we needed to sit together because of some thing that went wrong in the past.

Every saterday our son has a soccer match and we are always going to see it, most of the time our daughter have to come with us. But ok, when the have a match the whole team afcourse also has to go, but when there aren't enough cars they can't go.

So we discussed about a drivelist\ waslist (who is going to was the outfitst), who is going to be the coach at the matches and who wil be the leader.

The coach must have some soccer knowledge and that is one thing that my husband an I don't have. Luckely there where 3 other dads who wanted to do that, so that was taken care too.
Then their was the question who wil be the leader, that is also necessary for a team and this is something my husband and I can do, so we said we would do that.

Finally we where ready, it was 21:25 so it didn't take a short time, no it was pretty long.

When we came home, my daughter wasn't a sleep yet (she has to be in bed at 20:30), her uncle lost track of time as they where watching a movie.
At 23:00 it was finally quiet in house, our daughter was sleeping, our son was already in bed (he first had to eat), my brother in law was gone and we finally enjoy the evening. (Well what is left of it!!)

maandag, september 14, 2009

Goodbye dear friend

Goodbye dear friend
I’m letting you go in 2 days
I want to live without you
Don’t want you no more
It’s time to let go
And live my life without you

You where there in de good time
And in the bad time
You where there when I was alone
And with friends
You where there when I was smiling
And when I was crying

But now it’s time to kick you to the curb
And I will do so on September 16th
I’ll never let you in anymore
So goodbye, my frend the sigaret
And I hope you will stay away

zondag, september 13, 2009

Taking a stroll

We went out for a walk in our town and found some pear trees, so we went in in and got a few.


They come quickly


I think my blog is still confusing, that is because it's not ready yet.
So keep that in mind when you come here.

donderdag, september 10, 2009


It is now 0:34 here and I cannot sleep.
I'm just not tired, I was already in bed, but I was just lying in bed looking at the seaeing. I got out, turned on the tv and pour myself a drink. There was nothing interesting on the tv so I turned on the laptop. I did see an episode of Oprah about simplifying your life. Making sure you are happy with the right things and that doesn't need to be the most expensive things.
I wonder if people in America have been simplifying there life, because she seems to have a great influence on people in America. Maybey someone can tell me if you have simplifyed youre life.

I will think about it, maybey it will help me sleep.