dinsdag, september 15, 2009

Soccer meeting

Yesterday my husband and I had a Soccer meeting at the club of our son. We had to be there at 20:15 after the training of our son. We hoped it would not take long.
So we came there and there where a few parents, the coach took us to an other room and we all sat down. The coach began and told that we needed to sit together because of some thing that went wrong in the past.

Every saterday our son has a soccer match and we are always going to see it, most of the time our daughter have to come with us. But ok, when the have a match the whole team afcourse also has to go, but when there aren't enough cars they can't go.

So we discussed about a drivelist\ waslist (who is going to was the outfitst), who is going to be the coach at the matches and who wil be the leader.

The coach must have some soccer knowledge and that is one thing that my husband an I don't have. Luckely there where 3 other dads who wanted to do that, so that was taken care too.
Then their was the question who wil be the leader, that is also necessary for a team and this is something my husband and I can do, so we said we would do that.

Finally we where ready, it was 21:25 so it didn't take a short time, no it was pretty long.

When we came home, my daughter wasn't a sleep yet (she has to be in bed at 20:30), her uncle lost track of time as they where watching a movie.
At 23:00 it was finally quiet in house, our daughter was sleeping, our son was already in bed (he first had to eat), my brother in law was gone and we finally enjoy the evening. (Well what is left of it!!)

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