donderdag, juni 16, 2011

When the children became older, Husband and I decided to have a mobile phone.

So when the children need us or have a question, they can call Husband or me.
But this turned out to be a bit wrong....

I'm at my work.
My mobile phone rings.
I pick up the phone and say 'Hello'
It's Nona (daughter) 'Hi mom''.
I said 'Hi, what's wrong why are you calling?'
She's quiet, but I know she's there.
'Hello?' and I'm loosing my patience now 'What is wrong!?'
She says 'No, nothing is wrong, but I need to run to the attic and I just want to talk to you when I'm going'.

I'm at my work.
The phone rings.
I pick up the phone and say 'Hello'.
Sinyo (sun) 'Hi, Mom.'
"Can I make a cup a soup?"

Well, I know I had taken a mobile phone to be available for the kids, but not for this kind of things.
* Sigh *