dinsdag, september 22, 2009

Kids honest or play you

There are times when you feel you kids don't want to go to school.

It happens in the morning when the alarm-clock goes off.

My husband or I walk to the room of our daughter and it goes like this "Mam, my belly hurts and I don't feel to good".

We know our children by now so we always say "You go to school and if you really dont feel that good, you can always come home".
You can see on her face that she's thinking "Mmmm that didn't work".

After she is dressed and got down she askes "Can you write a note, that I'm not feeling well and that I can go home when it gets worse".
We always "No, if you really want to go home, your school teacher wil call and tell us".
We believe, no we know, that if we write a note she wil be home an hour after school starts.
So you see that 'It didn't work' face again.

She goes to school and stays there the whole day. After school when she is home, I ask her "How is your belly", she looks at me like she want's to say 'did my belly hurt...'?

My son is different when he says he's feeling nauseous, he goes home!

When I'm at work, my telephone rings and I get the school on the line. The tell me my son is sick that he want's to go home. Well there is nothing else that I can do, then to say, "Ok". He can go home on himself, that's what he says. I wondered from that moment, was he really sick or just messing with us. I cann't say "No, he is not allowed to go home", because there is also a change that he is really sick. Those phonecalls aren't easy and you just have to do what you think is best, but is it really the best!?
(This happened yesterday).

Ok, when I came home, he's feeling a lot better. He was just emptying the dishwasher and look a bit miserable to me. He sighs and says to me "I'm much better now".
In my mind it goes like "Yeah richt you where just playing with me".. I can see it in his eyes, the way he moves, it's not a really sick child that needed to get home.

So my husband and I didn't believe he was sick, that he just didn't want to go to school. We told him that this wasn't ok and the rest of the year he can't do this again. The only time he can stay home is when he got a fever!

He looked at us and understood that it's better not to do it again. You know why we where so harsh....
He also did it last week!
So we have to make sure that it won't happen again!

I really hope it works, I mean the boy is just 13 years old!!

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  1. My younger daughter is home today. She said she had a headache and tummy ache. Since she's prone to vomit when she's sick, I erred on the side of caution and let her stay home.

    Nice to meet you. Hopped over from MBC.

  2. Mine are only 6 and 8 now but you're just giving me something to look forward to, I'm sure! Followed you from MBC. Please come visit me at http://www.butsuchislife.com

  3. Yeah I remember those days. I'm glad they are over. This is Tee following you from the MBC 100!

  4. LoL! School.....

    I found you on MBC and am now following!


  5. Ronnie, I hope your kids are not going to do that.

  6. Chef Eureka, ow I think your daughter is really sick. Hope she feels better now.

  7. Amanda, I hope your child feels better now.

    Tanya, I jus knew my kids aren't the only one...