donderdag, december 17, 2009

Winter Wonderland

It is snowing in the place where we live. Jahooeee!!
I love snow!

Yesterday it was al over the news that snow was going to come.
We looked at the sky and thought, where is it.

Nothing happened, no snow, not even a resembles of something that looks like snow. Our first thought was that they made a mistake, or that it would come but much, much later.
So we went to bed, before we went to bed, we looked outside, but no, no snow.

But WOW , this morning the world is white. The best part is, it’s snow where you can make a snow doll (is that how you call it?) from and have snow balls fights.

I really love that!

Unfortunately we have to wait, because we have to work and the kids must go to school.

A college of mine just told me, there is more snow an the way.
So we are going to be ok!

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