dinsdag, november 17, 2009

The WorldWideWeb

About 10 years ago, here in Holland, not many people worked with the internet. But now I can’t imagine living without it.
The internet is so integrated in everybody’s life. Even my parents are working with a computer and starting to learn more and more about Internet.

Here is a sum off all the thins I do on the internet:

· Googeling (what a word), I think I google more then 10 times a day. For my work and private. Everything I don’t know I type in too google. When of our kids have a question I know the answer too but I don’t know how to explain. I just type in the word ore the whole question and there is the right answer ore explanation.
· Following the news. Every day I go to my favorite newspaper site and read what happened in the world. Off course I look at the news on the tv, but sometimes I don’t have enough time.
· Reading blogs and articles. Finding out how the lives of people all over the world is. I love reading blogs from people from different countries. This way you can find out how people are living, ore what there house looks like, ore how the school is over there. I also read some blogs from women in Holland and it can be so different.
· Learning, yes I learn a lot from the internet. New words, new software, instructions guides everything everywhere.
· Shopping, yep, I’m one of those people who shop on the internet. I like the fact that it’s so easy to shop from a foreign country. Last year I bought make-up from America and my wedding dress came from China, yes from ebay. I love it!
· Blogging, writing in English and Dutch. Writing about different stories, themes and so much more!

I think there is more much much more to find and I haven’t discovered everything yet. Maybe that’s a good thing, because I think that would be do only thing I do!

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