dinsdag, november 17, 2009

Do we have a money tree..?

Did I mention that we have Saint Nicolais and Santa Clauss in Holland..?
Did I mention that when children find out that Saint Nicolais is not the one who brings the presents but we the parents, that they don't have to expect that much?
No, wel it's true.
Did I mention that my children missed that part..?

My daughter, who is 12 year, wants to have a phone and not just a phone.. No she wants a LG cookie ore was it a LG Star, ore no she wants UGGS ore no..
Well I guess you know what I mean she wants really a lot off things .. for Saint Nicolais...
She told me that she knows she to old for Saint Nicolais, that she knows we don't do presents any more, but she just loves that phone and she really wants to have it.
So please, please, please pretty please can she have that phone (and if she can't get the phone, then maybe can she get UGGS..?).

I think you all know how those things go.

Well, that is my daughter talking, listen to what my son says.

Let me tell you first, that 2 weeks ago the xbox360 was banned from internet. So, that means he can't play with the xbox on-line. He was really cranky about that and now, I think you know what I'm about to say.
Yes, he wants to have a new xbox360, and if it is really just not possible he would settle for money.....

I have asked the kids often enough, if we have a money tree we don't know about. Unfortunately the kids also can't find it.....


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