zondag, november 15, 2009

Saint Nicholas

I have always thought that this was a celebration that you can find al over the world. But it turned out it is a feast that you can only find in Holland.

So let me tell you a something about it. Saint Nicholas is also a festivity for children, just like Santa Claus and in Holland it is called Sinterklaas. His birthday is on December 5th and every child in Holland gets a present. He is riding on a horse on the rooftop of the houses en brings presents with his helpers, they are calles Zwarte Piet, Black Piet.

But let me begin with how it al starts every year.
Saint Nicholas lives in Spain with his helpers in a big castle where they store all the presents. In the beginning of Novembre he leaves Spain and comes with his steamboat to Holland.

His arrival in Holland is followed by every children in Holland, on tv or the go to a city where his boat is coming. The 'real' Saint Nicholas comes in a different haven every year. But there are also a lot of Saint Nicholas that are helping him so he comes on the same day in thousands different city's.

Every child in Holland is very happy, because they know that there is a possibility that the find presents in there shoes. Shoes?! Yes, from the moment he comes into our country children can leave there shoe at the door or on every place the want. Because Saint Nicholas is in the country and maybe he wil get on his horse and bring presents already. My children also wanted to place their shoes as soon as he was in the country.

Even at school it's really a special time. Children also bring their shoe to school for present. It looks something like this:

At December 5th when they come to school then Saint Nicholas is coming to, he has a lot off helpers, Black Piet, helping him, with the presents, the exciting children and with the list of good and bad children. Because he also has a list, the children who where really bad this year have to be really nice at that point. Because if they are not, he can put them in a sack and take the children with him to Spain..
So, when school is out, the children go home and are still excited because in the evening he will come to their house or when he not coming to their house he will leave present in their shoes.

Yes, it's big event because it's not just Saint Nicholas, Black piet and the white horse. No there is also candy, off course, no matter where you are, when ever he comes, the Black Piets are throwing with different candy, it looks like this. And yes really the throwing it on the floor, so you just have to make sure you get it in your hand.

Everybody will also get a chocolate letter, it can be in a letter S, from Saint Nicholas, or you own letter.

A lot off fun when the good old man, comes in to Holland most of all if you have little children. The love that man, because he gives them presents. As soon as he leaves, on december 6th he's off to Spain again, then Santa Claus is coming.

So, here is December a very expensive month.

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