maandag, november 09, 2009

Nicknames and more....

Well there are a lot off nick names that I give to my children. I'm not suppose to say them in public but sometimes it just comes out. I can tell you at that point my children are not so happy with me.
As you know I come from Holland and some nick names you just cannot translate into English, but maybe it's funny for you to try to pronounce it.

When I'm in a cuddly and/ or happy mood I say to my children;

cuty pie (I know it's stupid)
Big boy
Big girl
Little cute girl or
Little cute boy

When I'm in a angry mood I say to my children;
You´re not funny
I don't like you at this point
I really try not to call them names (but sometimes it just blurs out, yes I'm sorry I confess)

I think every mother has a certain name for her child, but when I see a movie they always have a really special name. Sometimes I wonder if the scriptwriters thought off that in a minute ore they had to think for days. I don't have a special name, but I have cute nicknames (ok, I find I give them cute nicknames.)

And you do you give your children special nicknames?

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