woensdag, november 11, 2009

My brain!

So, my brain is working overtime again. Every now and then I have an idea and it's something that I MUST do! (because I want too).
I have had so much idea's in the last couple years, well I think whole my life!
I wanted to start painting and I would buy everything that has to do with it. My husband also bought me some stuff. Off course I did something with it.... for two weeks... and then it was over. I found something new, I wanted to bake cakes. You know the really pretty ones, that you see in a bakkery or online. Ok, it started when we where planning our wedding, I saw much really nice, pretty, funny wedding cakes! I thought to myself "I can do that too"! Trust me, I cannot! I'm to impatient so that didn't work also.
I wanted to make all my one clothes, well you can guess it by now. I made a few things and then I was ready.

But I always liked computers and most of all software. It's my job, so I have to like it. But now I'm in a new fase, I want a new thing. I want to learn how to design website's. Yes, I started already, but boy it's harder then I thought. I hope I wil keep on going now, because I think this is a keeper.
Well I will found out in a few weeks or months, because I gave myself time to learn.

I hope my brain stays with me this time and doesn't leave me in the cold!

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  1. Oh, I hope you stick with this one. I'd love to see your results.