dinsdag, november 03, 2009

Sleeping naked

I read somewhere a post about sleeping naked, it someone knows who's post it was please tell me.
I have to confess I love to sleep naked too, but I have a 13 year old son. So I also keep in mind that I can not do it any more or that I must have a night gown or something else that I can grab when I come out off bed.

I think about it, but do you think my son does the same...????

Well he thinks about it not to walk naked in the house (because his body is a no no place for me to see).

But check this out!
Just this week I was in the bathroom to take a shower, he just walks in!
I said 'can you please go, I'm ready and want to dry myself off'
NO he replies  I'm brushing my teeth.
And keeps on doing what he is doing.
Ok...., I think to myself, what to do now.
So, I open the shower curtain just a little bit and start to dry myself off.
He doesn't react and keeps on brushing his teeth.
While I'm drying myself I say to him
"So this evening when you are taking a shower, I'm going to brush my teeth"!

He looks at me and leaves the bathroom very quietly.....

I find this so strange behaver off him, I can't see him naked, but if he sees me it's ok!

I asked him this later and he says
"your body hasn't changed since I last seen it, but mine isn't.....!

Yeah right!

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  1. Was it mine? http://ifevolutionworks.com/the-very-un-mom-side-of-me/

    Everything is one sided when you're a kid :)

  2. Nancy, yes you are right it was yours!
    So funny how kids think!