zaterdag, oktober 31, 2009

Crazy me or crazy daughter

I have to say there are some things in life I don't want to go to, and one of them is going to the dentist.

I think that in this family, I'm the only one with weak teeth, so you can imagine I don't want to go. Every time when I go to the dentist he finds something. It can be a hole (is that the correct word) or he says a filling in my tooth is not ok anymore. So I'm starting to shake and also try to relax myself and try not to think of what is gonna come.

I sigh, brase my self and.... the dentist says "You have to make an appointment and come back another time".
NOOOOO!!!! I scream to myself and I says (hopefully) Let's do it now at this moment, I'm ready!
No, there is not enough time he responses.
So I have to make an appointment for an other day and time.

Let me tell you, till that time I'm trying not to think of it, but I can't I just have to think off that whole the time.
The day comes... I wake up with a pain in my stomach and I think of it whole day. I feel nervous, not myself, trying to get out of the appointment, but think to myself that I just have to go.
So I go... and what do you know, I didn't feel a thing and everything went fine.
I just know the nex time I have to go, I feel the same!

Why is the titel crazy daughter? Because my daughter has to go to the dentist one off these days and I have to make an appointment for her and my son. The last week she said it to me several times, she even called me up at my work to remind me not to forget to call the dentist.
I'm gonna do it this week, you see my stomach starts hurting and I don't even have to go!

I guess I'm crazy!

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