zondag, oktober 25, 2009

Relaxing sunday

I'm sitting on the cough with my laptop on my lap. My son and husband are watching soccer, my daughter is also on her laptop and I'm enjoying this moment.

We have so many weekends that are full, almost every saterday and\ or sunday we have a birthday or an other appointment.
This weekend we had NOTHING, what a feast. Yesterday after coming home from soccer we did grocery shopping and we went home.
In the early evening my brother in law came by with his 2 daughter and we decided to go to frends off ours. We went and it was a lot off fun. But we came home very very late! At 01:30 in the morning!!

This morning I realised that we had to change the clock, it was going 1 hour back!
I woke up my daughter and we went to see a movie. Later with my son I watched an other movie. Yes, it was really a movie sunday.
Around four we went outside to the kermis, luckely its a small one, so within 2 hours we were home.
We eat (I cooked yesterday) and now it's relaxed.

Day's like this are rear and I love them so much!

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