zaterdag, oktober 24, 2009


Like so many mothers in the world, I'm also a soccermom.
Every Saturday we are on the soccer field watching our son, running on the field.

Yes, we are there every Saturday. My husband and I both want to see our son playing soccer.
Unfortunately for our daughter she has to come with us most of the time.
If the weather is good she doesn't find it a problem, but if the weather is bad she goes to her uncle, or her grandparents.

I have to say that we are the only parents that come together and every week. Sometimes I wonder why.. Don't get me wrong, I do understand that some parent just can't come every week. I'll tell that there are mothers or fathers that never came.

I mean there comes a day, really there will, that our children don't need or want us every step of there way. I know that when they turn a certain age, they do more things by there self. And I'll see my son and daughter much less. I hope it doesn't happen any time soon, but till that time... We will be there (in the cold!) on the soccer field, watching our son.

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