vrijdag, oktober 23, 2009

Am I old fashion?

Our children are growing fast and now they have an age that the-could-go to a disco. Here in the city centre there is a disco for children from 11 till 15 years old on Friday evening till 23:00.
Every time when we pass it our children see everybody waiting for the disco to open but the haven't asked us if the could go.

I have to admit, I'm so happy about that, because yes I think they are to young. Call me old fashion ore what ever you want.
I just think they are much to young for that, when I see how some girls are dressed or how some boys are acting (the think they are really tough) I'm glad they don't have the need to go.
Off course they have asked the question IF the could go if they wanted.
My husband and I both said NO.

You know there comes a time in there life they want to go.
If they have the right age (I think 16 years is a good age), then can go every Saturday (if they want to). When there getting older they can go more often, they have a whole life in front off them. Why does everything start at such a young age.

So, do you think I'm old fashion or strict.

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