zondag, oktober 04, 2009

"I hate shopping" he says.

My son is not in to shopping, but sometimes it's a must!

The past few months he went with us, when we where shopping, but he never looked for clothes. It was always like ; Mom, I'm going to sit by the TV (you know in the children section). He was gone before we knew it. Or he just looked at some clothes from a far distance and said "No. there is nothing I like. We never understood how he could have seen the clothes and decided it was nothing for him.
Our daughter is always looking and almost every time she found something and we bought it for her.
At that time our son was waking up and asked us "Why are you buying her clothes". We said "Well she needs it and she likes it".
He started to begin cranky and said "I need clothes too". "Yes dear, but you're not looking" we answered. No he didn't like that answer, because he HATES shopping.
But lets be frank if we buy him something, he's not going to wear it. He think we don't have any taste! So we don't buy him anything. Ok, I admit I bought him 1 pair of jeans a couple of months ago. That's it.
Lately my husband and I saw that he didn't have a lot of trousers, I think he has two now! No, that is not much be his 13, he's got his own taste and must start looking for clothes.

Yesterday we went to the shopping centrum of our town. Suddenly I hear him say "I need a new pair of jeans".
"I know" was my comment "and now what are you going to do?"
"I will look for clothes" he said.
I looked at him and was wondering what he would be doing. But yes he was going to the rack of jeans, looked at some and found that it wasn't his taste.
In another shop, he was looking again and found one he likes. "Try it on" we said. I could see in that face of him that he didn't find it necessary. His eyes went from 'Yes I found something' to 'NO!!'
We said it again "Try it on".
He sighs and says "Ok".
He went in to a fitting room and I heard him say "Yes it fits!"
We were like "Come out and let us see it".
He came out and yes it fits him perfectly. So we bought it for him.

He was relieved that he found it quickly and told us that from now on he will also look for clothes.

We hope so, we hope so.

O and our daughter got a new pair of boots! Yes, she needed it and was looking (again)!

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