maandag, oktober 19, 2009


Yesterday it was that time again! Our house was a mess, so we had to do something about it, with the help of our kids....

When we clean the house everybody has to help. The kids have to do their room and we do the rest. Let me tell you, the kids can do hours to clean their room and it's not even so big. The way they clean is much different then how we clean.

They begin with cleaning up there desk, then sit down to read.
We that a look and say "Don't read, you have to clean up your room".
We even give them the time they have to be ready.
It just won't help.
After we walked in, they start again, but after a couple minutes they stop and start reading again.
Yes, until we, again, walk in.

So, yesterday was no differant.
We started at 13:00 and the kids were ready at 16:00, so you can imagine what my husband and I had done, a lot more then them.

Finally when they were really ready, they could help us.
Or maybe that's the reason, they don't work that hard....

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