woensdag, oktober 07, 2009

sick at home, watching Cadillac Records

Well like I told yesterday I wasn't feeling very well, so today I called in sick today. Everybody is at home or work so I'm alone at that is really nice. But even when I'm sick there are still I have to do. So I did the dishwasher and the laundrey, but I also watched a movie.

Cadillac Records, I love that kind of movies, the music, the cars, the acting well just about everything. I also loved that the music of Etta James was in there, because last year my husband and I got married. Our opening song was a mix of 3 songs and one of them was 'At last' from Etta James.
Everytime when I hear that song I think about our opening song, that wasn't going that good. That doesn't matter because we did it and we have a wonderfull memory.

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