donderdag, oktober 08, 2009

Pink Ribbon pen and more? To commercial?!

It's October and the pink ribbons come flying around. A lot of companies are doing something for breast cancer. I don't know how it is in America, but here we have phones, t-shirts, bracelets, of course the magazine and a lot more.

From every product that you buy an amount is going to Pink Ribbon.
But why aren't we making that contribution ourself?! Is it really necessary to buy a product for ourself, get a good feeling out of it because we did it for a good cause. It tells us that the big companies have a heart because they give to Pink Ribbon. Let's be frank, every penny they pay is tax deductible.

Why is it OK to do all off this with a sickness like breast cancer. There is someone who wrote a book about it, Samantha King - Pink Ribbons, Inc. She tells in the book that you can market this out because it's save subject. Everybody knows it, finds it a bad (I'm sorry I don't know an other word) sickness, can talk about it and has it's own decision about it. The most people who get breast cancer are woman and they are most of the time in charge of the money in the house hold. That is why it's a marketing business! Look at the market, most of the time it's for woman.

The companies started a campaign, started by making a beautiful magazine, very glossy, beautiful woman, nice clothes, make-up, hair. The money comes in, the faces of the companies look good, because they are doing something for breast cancer, and everybody is glad. You think, did you know that the most money is going to awareness and publicity and really a little bit is going to treatments and research. The awareness is that you see everywhere that as a woman you have to check you breasts, but has anyone make a poster of give lessons on how you must examen yourself.

In the magazine I don't see picture of woman who really had breast cancer, you don't see picture's of bolt woman, you don't read story's of woman who are sick, who lost one of there breast. No, because it all has to be fun and let's be honest it must sell.
Maybe the magazine is different in America, but in Holland there are no story's from sick woman.

No, I'm not buying the magazine, the phone or whatever, I'm donating every month, not only in October, to the cancer foundation. I feel much better that way.

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  1. Yea it is getting a little ridiculous everything seams to have that pink ribbon on it, but sadly the American public needs to have a reward for doing good. Things like candy are sold to help our schools and scouts. Just donating money that does not seem to work to well. But if it is something they buy anyway, they feel good about it. I find the breast cancer sweets and candy too funny. But I am waiting on pink ribbon cigarettes and beer, wait there is pink ribbon Mike hard lemonaide, raspberry favor I believe....

    But my twenty something daughter when shopping with me tells me to get the boob product for her grandmaa. Both her grandmas had breast cancer and my mom lost her battle. She wants to buy everything with that pink ribbon on it. So that pink ribbon pen was a big hit in her stocking last year! PS don't tell her but I got her a pink ribbon grocery bag!