vrijdag, oktober 16, 2009

Mom sick

A few days ago I was a sick woman.
My body was hurting, I had a runny nose and I was coughing a lot.

So, there I was under the blanket on the couch.
After a while I hear the barn door and a few minutes later, my son walkes in the door.
Are you still ill, he asks. 'Yes' I respond, I still don't feel very good.

Ok, he says comes to me to give me a kiss on the cheek. He said that he will prepare a soup for himself.
He walkes to the cupboard for a bag Cup a Soup and walks to the kitchen.

As he walks into the kitchen he says "Mom, we only have 1 CupASoup left, can you go to the store and get some? "

Can you see my surprised face.....

(Later he told me that he was just joking. I told him it wasn't that funny)

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