woensdag, oktober 14, 2009

Yep, I'm an eater!

Today I had a High Tea with some colleges of mine. A project we all worked on has ended and this was a way to say Thank you and that it was nice working with everybody.

I came in, sat down and the woman on my left said 'I'm not gonna eat much'. I'm like 'Why not..?! I love to eat'.

I can tell you that I'm a woman who loves to eat and when I saw the table where all the food was displayed I felt in heaven.
I saw chocolate cake, lemon cheese cake, hazelnutcake, scones, clotted cream, jam, sandwiches... I mean I really was in heaven and wanted to try it all.
It turned out that I wasn't the only one on a diet or taking care of my figure. Who cares how many times can I do this.

So after the speach has ended we all went to the table. Yes, really lady I was the only one with from every cake a piece and a scone with clotted cream.
I sat down and started eating. Lucky me, I saw some one else also with a lot of food on his plate, yes it was a man.

Everything on my plate was really delicious, but wait it was the first corse!
Wow, there are more!
After that we could go for the sandwiches. I have to say, they taste a lot better then when I make them at home. A waiter came in and he had two plates in his hands with quiches on them. My eyes looked and was like 'Im getting that to'.

Yes, I know that I can eat a lot! The plates were on table calling out my name, so I went there and had two pieces. One with bacon\ cheese\ milk and egg and the other one was with broccoli. Yes it was really good.

My tummy was full at that point so I stopped. Don't get me wrong and think that al I did was eat. No, I talked to the people at my table, had confersations and everything. So, my tummy was full and I was talking to a college from another division when the waiter stood infront of me.
I was thinking, O my god did I do something wrong.
But no he wanted to know if I wanted a toast with salmon. Yes please, I said, not thinking of my full tummy.

At that point I said to myself, no I'm not gonna eat anymore.
A few minutes later they came in with a fruitsalad!
Yes, I admit, my tummy almost snapped. Luckily it ended at that point, I had something to drink an went on my way.

I went outside, got my bike, very glad with my bike so I had some exercise, went home.

At home I sat on the couch and didn't move for the nex hour.

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