zaterdag, oktober 10, 2009

Going to bed ritual of my son

I promised to write a piece about my son. He also has a ritual before he's going to bed. Considering his age he is going much later to bed, but he still thinks it's to soon.

Our son is 13 years old and his bed time depends on what he must be in school.
When it's time for bed,
he goes upstairs to take a shower.
After he is ready he comes downstars to give us a kiss goodnight.
He holds me tight for a hug,
a long hug...
He does the same with his father,
also a very long hug,
and he goes upstairs (yes, much faster then our daugther)
but then it comes.........
He stands by the door and says;
Welterusten (it's Dutch and means goodnight)
Bye, bye
Zwaai, zwaai, (Dutch for wave)
Mazzel, (Dutch in the term of bye)
Ballen, (Dutch in the term of bye)
Toedeloe, (Dutch in the term of bye)
I love you,
Ik hou van jou (Dutch for I love you)
See you tomorrow.

And my husband says al the same things to him, if we wait to long he says "I'm waiting.."
Then he is off to bed, for the rest is he as quiet as a mouse.

He saying all of those things since he is 4 or 5 years old, and I still think it's funny.

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