zondag, oktober 11, 2009

Children book week

In Holland there is from 7 to 17 oktober a week, it's more 10 days but ok, specialy for children books.

Every year the week has a differant theme. This year it was food. Our daughter got a questionlist from school about what kind of food we like.

She came to me and said : 'Mom, I must aks you some quetions and you must answer it, it's about food'.
I said, Ok.

There came the questions.
She : 'What kind of food do you like the most'.
Me : 'Too much'
She : 'No you must say something'
Me : 'Ok, grilled chicken, bread, vegatables, sweats'
She : 'No, that is not good, you have to choose one thing'
Me : 'Why...?'
She : 'Thats what stands here on the paper'
Me : 'O, ok. Let me think. I like vegatables the most'
She : 'Ieuw, no that is horrible. You are really a strange momma'
Me : 'Thank you, do you have any more questions or not'
She : 'What kind of food smels the best'
Me : 'Fresh bread'
She : 'O yes that is nice, I didn't think off that'
Me : 'Do you have more questions?'
She : 'No, this was it for now. I'm going to eat something now, these questions made me hungry'

After she was finashed eating she went to her dad and ask the same questions and it turned out there were some more....

At school their going to talk about this question list and talk about the differant books specialy for this week. Every book is about this theme.

Do you have something like this in the UK or USA.

My daughter is not reading a book about food at the moment, but she's reading Inkheart.

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