woensdag, oktober 21, 2009

I did it again

Today I went to the gym again. Afcourse I went on a regular base the last few weeks. I just still don't understand, why is it still so difficult.

I have to admit I was (and am) not a sport woman and I think I'll never be one. When I was younger, I was the girl the didn't pick out, because if I was in there team the would definatly loose. Well that is what the were thinking, I thought differant off course.
Now I'm 40 and no, still not a sport woman. I have to go on tuesday, thursday and sunday. But everytime when it's tuesday, I think no I'm not gonna go because (and yes here come my excuses) it's to late, I have to cook and more off does stuff.

The thing that really bugs me the most is that I do want to have a toned body and I know I have to do something about it. Because I really do understand that I'm not gonna wake up one day and have a toned body. (I'm still wishing for it..).

So, because I know I have to do something I went today.
And you know, it wasn't all that bad!

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