vrijdag, september 10, 2010

Long time, no write

It has been tooo long since my last post, but from now on I'll be back :).

So, time is running here. The kids are back to school and husband and I are both working again.

Last night we finally had an evening out. We had to wait for the babysitter (Yes, we know we have teens, but still too young to stay home alone in the evening) and we went.

Here in ouw town we have an all you can eat Japanese restaurant. Everybody was telling us how great the food is and the people. They are going on and on and on!

Well we wen't and I have to say, the food was good, but it was soooo noisy! It seemed that every little bit off noise crashed at the wall of the restaurant and returned. So, it wasn't a romantic diner anymore and we left very quickly! No, we didn't go home. The weather was beautiful so we went to another restaurant and sat on the terrace.

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